The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Un Esprit follet
Mr. J..., one of our comrades at the Society, had seen blue flames fly- ing around several times, over his bed. Certain that it was a kind of manifestation, we had the idea of evoking one of those spirits in the session of January 20th last, in order to learn about their nature.

1. Evocation.
- But what is it that you want from me?

2. What was the objective of your manifestation at Mr. J...’ house?
- Why does it matter to you?

3. In reality it is not important to me but to Mr. J... is different.
- Ah! What a good reason!

NOTE: Mr. Kardec framed the initial questions. Mr. J... contin- ued the interview.

4. The fact is that I do not receive anyone in my house just out of good will.
- You are wrong. I am very good.

5. Can you then do me a favor and let me know what are you doing in my house?
- Do you really believe that because I am good I must obey you?

6. I was told that you are a frivolous spirit.
- Then I was very badly judged.

7. If it is a calumny than prove it.
- I don’t care.

8. I could well use means of making you state whom you really are.
- My word that I would have some fun with that.

9. I demand that you say what you have come to do in my house.
- I had only one objective: have fun.

10. This is not in agreement with what I was told by the superior spirits.
- I was sent to your house and you know the reason. Are you happy?

11. You lied then?
- No.

12. Didn’t you then have ill intentions?
- You were told the same as I did.

13. Can you tell us what your category among the spirits is?
- Your curiosity amuses me.

14. Since you pretend to be good, why don’t you respond to the questions in a more convenient way?
- Have I eventually insulted you?

15. No but why do you respond evasively and refuse to give me the explanations that I require?
- I have the freedom to do what I want, under the command of certain spirits though.

16. That is good! I see with pleasure that you begin to be more reasonable hence I foresee that we will have a friendly relationship.
- Stop the useless talk! It will be much better

17. Under which form are you here?
- I have no form.

18. Do you know what the perispirit is?
- No, unless it is the wind.

19. What can I do to please you?
- I told you already. Shut up.

20. The mission that was assigned to you in my house, has it made you improve as a spirit?
- That is another subject. Do not ask me such questions. You know that I obey certain spirits. Talk to them. As for me, let me go.

21. Have we eventually had a bad relationship in another existence that would be the cause of your bad humor?
- Don’t you remember how badly you spoke of me to whoever wanted to hear? Shut up, I tell you.

22. I only speak of you what the superior spirits has said about you.
- You also said that I had obsessed you.

23. Were you happy with the end result?
- That is my problem.

24. Do you then want me to keep an unfavorable opinion of you?
- It is possible. I am leaving.

OBSERVATION: From the reported conversations we can see the extreme diversity in the language of the spirits, according to their degree of elevation. The language of spirits of this nature is character- ized by rudeness and impatience. When invited to serious meetings it is noticeable that they do not come willingly and are in a hurry to leave, for they do not feel comfortable among their superior spirits and among people that put pressure on them with questions. The same does not happen in frivolous meeting where people enjoy their mockery. There, these spirits are in their element and rejoice.

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