The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Girard de Codemberg

Agraduate from the Polytechnic School, member of several scien- tific associations, author of a book entitled: The Spiritual World, or Christian Science of communication with the celestial powers and happy souls. Deceased in November 1858, evoked at the Society on the following January 14th.

1. (Evocation)
- I am here. What do you want?

2. Have you willingly attended our call?
- Yes.

3. Would you tell us what do you think now about the book that you published?
- I made some mistakes but there are useful things there. I believe, without self-praising, that you yourself agree with what I said.

4. You said that you had communications with Christ’s mother. Can you now be sure that it was really her?
- No. It was not her but a spirit that would take her name.

5. What was the objective of that spirit by taking her name?
- That spirit saw me taking a wrong path and pushed me even further. It was a perturbing spirit, a frivolous being, more inclined to evil than good. She would feel happy for my false enjoyment. I was her toy as you men are frequently to your fellow humans.

6. How could you, gifted by a superior intelligence, not have noticed the ridiculous of certain communications?
- I was fascinated, appreciating everything that I was told.

7. Don’t you think that such a book may do some harm in the sense that it may be ridiculed as far as the communications from beyond the grave are concerned?
- In that sense, yes. But I also said that there were useful things, as well as true ones, that from another point of view impress the masses. Sometimes we find a good seed in what seems evil to you.

8. Are you happier than when you were alive?
- Yes, but I still have the need for much enlightenment since I am still in the mist which follows death. I feel like the student beginning to spell.

9. When alive did you know The Spirits’ Book?

- I had never given it any attention. I had preconceived ideas. That was my sin since it is never too much to deeply study all things. However, pride is always present, giving us illusions. That is proper of the ignorant, in general, who do not investi- gate anything else but what they prefer and don’t listen to but those who praise them.

10. But you were not uneducated. Your titles demonstrate that.
- Who is the wise person from Earth before the Science of Heavens? As a matter of fact, there is always the influence of certain spirits, willing to push us away from light.

OBSERVATION: This confirms what has already been said that certain spirits inspire people to stay away from those who could give them good advices, thus frustrating their plans. That influence could never be from a good spirit.

11. And now, what do you think about that book?
- I could not tell without shamelessly representing myself and we don’t praise. You have to understand.

12. Have you changed your opinion about the future penalties?
- Yes. I believed in the material penalties. Now I believe in the moral penalties.

13. Can we do anything to please you?

Always. May each one say a prayer tonight on my behalf! I will appreciate that. Most importantly, do not forget me.

OBSERVATION: Mr. Codemberg’s book has caused some sensation, and we even say, a painful sensation among the adepts of Spiritism, as a consequence of the extravaganza of certain communications, given to ridicule. His intention was praiseworthy since he was a sincere man, but it is an example of domination that certain spirits may exercise, flattering and exaggerating ideas and prejudices of those who do not ponder with great severity the pros and cons of the spiritist commu- nications. He mainly shows the dangers of very lightheart- edly publicizing them to the public, since they can become a reason for denial, strengthening the incredulity in certain people, thus doing more harm than good, once it provides weapons to the enemies of the cause. We would never be care- ful enough with that respect.

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