The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Mrs. Mally’s Guide


1. (Evocation of Mrs. Mally’s guide) - Here I am. This is easy to me.

2. How can we call you? - However you wish. Use the name by which you know me already.

3. What was the reason that attached you to Mrs. Mally and her children? - First of all, old relationships; then a friendship, a sympathy always protected by God.

4. They say that it was a somnambulist, Mrs. Dupuy, who assigned you to Mrs. Mally. Is that true? - It was the somnambulist who affirmed that I was with her.

5. Do you depend on that somnambulist? - No.

6. Could she keep you away from that lady? - No.

7. In case the somnambulist died would that have any influence on you? - None.

8. Was it long ago since you left your body? - Yes, many years ago.

9. What were you then? - A boy, deceased when I was eight years old.

10. As a spirit are you happy or unhappy? - Happy. I have no personal concerns about the others and if I suffer it is because of them.

11. Was that you who appeared to Mrs. Mally at the stairway, making her suppose that was an intruder? - No, it was a companion.

12. How about the other day, in the form of a cadaver? That could impress her unpleasantly. That was a naughty thing that demonstrates lack of benevolence. - Far from that, in many cases, but in that one the intention was to stimulate more courageous thoughts in Mrs. Mally. What is so frightening about a cadaver?

13. You then have the power of becoming visible at will? - Yes, but as I said it was not me.

14. Then you don’t have anything to do with the other manifestations that took place in her house either? - Excuse me! That I do. It was what I have imposed myself to do on her side, as a material work, but I do another work for her, much more useful and serious.

15. Can you become visible to everyone? - Yes.

16. Could you become visible here, to one of us? - Yes if you ask God for that. I can but I dare not.

17. If you don’t want to become visible could you at least give us a manifestation, as for example, bringing anything to this table? - Certainly, but what would be the usefulness? For her that is how I give testimony of my presence, but for you it would be useless since we are talking.

18. Wouldn’t the obstacle be the lack of a medium, needed to produce such manifestations? - No, that is a small obstacle. Don’t you frequently see sudden apparitions to persons without any mediumistic faculty?

19. Then everyone is capable of seeing spontaneous apparitions? - Yes, since every human being is a medium.

20. However, doesn’t the spirit find better conditions in the organization of certain persons in order to communicate? - Yes but I told you – and you must know – that the spirits have the power on their own. The medium is nothing. Don’t you have the direct writing? Do you need a medium for that? You only need faith and this sometimes happens even in spite of human beings, that is, without faith and desire.

21. Do you think that the manifestations, like the direct writing for example, will become more common than in our days? - Certainly. How do you understand the full potential of Spiritism without spreading in more direct ways like this?

22. Can you explain to us what was it that Mrs. Mally’s daughter took in her hand and ate when she was sick? - It was manna; a substance created by us that contains the principle of an ordinary manna and the sweetness of the sugar.

23. Is that substance formed in the same way as the clothes and other objects which the spirits produce at their will and by the action exerted upon matter? - Yes but the elements are very different. The ingredients that form the manna are not the same that I used to create wood or clothes.

24. (to St. Louis) Were the elements utilized by the spirit to form the manna different from those utilized to form other things? We have always been told that there is only one primitive universal element, from which all bodies are simple modifications.- Yes. It means that such a primitive element is in space, here under a given form, there under another. This is what he means. He obtains his manna from one part of that element that he supposes different, but it is always the same.

25. The magnetic action through which one can give special properties to a given substance, like the water for example, does it bear a relationship with that of the spirit that creates one substance? - The magnetizer does not employ anything beyond his own will. It is a spirit that helps him who is in charge of preparing the medicine.

26. (to the guide) Sometime ago we reported curious facts of manifestations of a spirit who we called “the Gnome of Bayonne”. Do you know that spirit? - Not particularly, but I followed what you did regarding his case and that was how I learned about him.

27. Is he a spirit of inferior order? - Does inferior mean bad? No. If simply meaning not entirely good, not much advanced? Yes.

28. We thank you for your kindness in coming to us and for the explanations you gave us. - At your service.

OBSERVATION: This communication offers a complement to what we have said in the two preceding articles about the formation of certain bodies by the spirits. The spirits prepared the substance given to the child during her illness. This manna added in her healing. Where did they take this material from? They took it from the universal element, transformed for the desired application. This strange phenomenon of the properties transmitted through magnetic action, an unexplained problem we outline below, which has entertained the incredulous, is now resolved. In fact, we know that it is not only the spirits of the dead that act but also the living ones that have their part in the action in the invisible world. The man with the snuffbox gives us this proof.

What is remarkable about the fact that the wishes of a person, acting for the good, may operate transformations in the primitive matter, giving it special properties? In our opinion this is the key to many supposedly supernatural phenomena, which we will have the opportunity to talk about. That is how, through observation, we come to observe things that are part of the reality and wonderful. However, who can assure that such a theory is true? Be it! It has at least the merit of being rational and in perfect agreement with the observed facts. If any human brain finds another theory more logical than this one given by the spirits, may them be compared. One day, perhaps, we will be thanked for opening the path to the rational study of Spiritism.

Someone told us the other day: “I really liked to have a servant spirit at my command, even to the price of having to bear some of its tricks.”

It is a satisfaction that we all enjoy unnoticeably, for not all spirits who assist us manifest in an ostensive way, but it does not mean that they are not by our side, and just because their influence is occult, it is not less real.

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