The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1859

Allan Kardec

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Michel François


Michel Francois, a blacksmith who lived towards the end of the XVII century, addressed the warden of Provence, telling him that he had seen a “shadow” which had ordered him to reveal to King Louis XIV certain things considered most important and secretive. He was sent to the court in April 1697. Some say that he spoke with the King; others say that the King refused to see him. What is certain though is that instead of sending him to prison he was given money for the journey, and was exempt of the tailles and other royal taxes.

1. Evocation - Here I am.

2. How did you know that we wanted to speak with you? - How can you ask such a question? Aren’t you aware that you are surrounded by spirits who send for those who you want to talk to?

3. Where were you when we called you? - In space since I am still errant.

4. Are you surprised by the fact that you are among living persons? - Absolutely. I find myself many times among living persons.

5. Do you remember your existence in 1697, at the time of Louis XIV, when you were a blacksmith? - In a very confusing way.

6. Do you remember the revelation you had to make to the King? - I remember that I had a revelation to make.

7. Did you make it? - Yes.

8. You told him that you had seen a “shadow” that had appeared to you, commanding you to make certain revelations to the King. Who was that shadow? - His brother.

9. Do you want to tell his name? - No. You understand.

10. Was he the man designated by the name of Iron Mask? - Yes.

11. Now that we are far away from those days, could you tell us what was the objective of that revelation? - It was to inform him about his death.

12. Whose death? His brother’s? - Of course.

13. Which impression did your revelation have on the King? - A mix of sadness and satisfaction. As a matter of fact, it was demonstrated by the way I was treated.

14. How did he treat you? - With benevolence and kindness.

15. They say that a similar thing happened to Louis XVIII. Do you know if that is true? - I believe there was something similar but I am not well informed.

16. Why have that spirit chosen you for such a mission, considering that you were someone obscure, instead of selecting a character from the court, who could more easily approach the King? - I was found in his path, endowed by the faculty which he needed, and also because someone from the court would not be able to make them believe in the revelation. They would have thought that the information had come through other means.

17. What was the objective of that revelation, considering that the King would necessarily be informed about his brother’s death, before knowing it from you? - It was to make him think about the future life and about the fate to which he was exposed. His end was stained by actions with which he supposed to ensure a future made better by such revelation.

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