Allan Kardec

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4. Do you not already hear the noise of the tempest which will sweep away the old world and destroy all the iniquities of this planet? Ah, praise the Lord, all those who have put their faith in His sovereign justice and who, as new apostles of the belief revealed by the superior prophetical voices, go forth to preach the new doctrine of reincarnation and the elevation of Spirits according to whether they have fulfilled their missions and supported their terrestrial trials well or badly.

Do not be afraid! The tongues of fire are above your heads. Oh, true adepts of Spiritism . . . you are God's chosen ones! Go forth and preach the Divine Word. The time has come when you should sacrifice your habits, your work, and your futile occupations to its dissemination. Go forth and preach! The elevated Spirits are with you. You will most certainly speak to those who do not wish to hear the Voice of God, because this Voice calls them unceasingly to abnegation. You will preach disinterestedness to those who are avaricious, abstinence to the dissolute, gentleness to domestic tyrants and despots! Lost words, I know, but it does not matter. It is necessary that you irrigate the land to be sown with the sweat of your labour, seeing that it will not come to fruit nor produce except under the repeated blows of the evangelical hoe and plough. Go forth and preach!

To all of you, men and women of good faith who are conscious of your inferiority before the many worlds scattered in infinite space! . . . Launch yourselves into the crusade against injustice and iniquity. Go forth and ostracize the worship of the golden calf, which spreads more and more each day. Go forth; God guides you! Simple and ignorant humanity, your tongues will be freed and you will speak as no orator speaks. Go forth then and preach, for those of the population who are heedful will happily take in your words of consolation, fraternity, hope and peace.

What matter the ambushes rigged against you along the pathway! Only wolves fall into wolf traps, since the Shepherd will know how to defend His sheep from the sacrificial butchers.

Go forth those who, great before God and more blessed than Saint Thomas, believe without demanding to see and accept the fact of mediumship even when they have not managed to obtain it for themselves. Go then, for the Spirit of God is guiding you.

March forward, magnificent phalanx of faith! Before you the great battalions of unbelievers will dissipate, as does the morning dew at the first rays of the sun.

Jesus said that faith is the virtue which moves mountains. However, heavier that the greatest mountain are the impurities and all the vices which are derived from them, which lie deposited in the hearts of men. So then, depart full of courage to remove this mountain of iniquities which future generations should only know as legend, in the same way that you know only very imperfectly of the times which preceded pagan civilization.

Moral and philosophical upheavals will be produced at all points of the globe; the hour approaches when the Divine Light will spread itself over both worlds.

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