Allan Kardec

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9. All who recognise the mission of Jesus say; Lord! Lord! But of what use is it to call 'Master' or 'Lord' when you do not follow His precepts? Are they Christians then, who honour Him with exterior acts of devotion while at the same time making sacrifice to pride, selfishness, greed and all the passions? Are they then His disciples, those who pass their days in prayer yet show themselves no better, nor more charitable, nor more indulgent towards their fellow beings? No, seeing that as the Pharisees, they have prayer on their lips but not in their hearts. They can impress men with their manner, but not God. In vain they can say to Jesus; "Lord! Do we not prophesy, that is to say, do we not teach in Your name? Do we not expel demons in Your name? Do we not eat and drink with You?" He will reply to them; "I know not who you are; go away from me, you who commit iniquity, you who deny by your acts what you say with your lips, who slander your neighbour, who rob widows and commit adultery. Go away from me, you whose hearts distil hate and bile, who spill the blood of your brothers and sisters in My name, who cause tears to flow instead of drying them. For you there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, seeing that God's Kingdom is for those who are gentle, humble and charitable. Do not expect to bend God's justice by the multiplicity of your words nor the amount of your kneeling. The only pathway which is open wherein you may find grace in His sight, is by the sincere practice of the law of love and charity."

The words of Jesus are eternal because they are the truth. They constitute not only a safe conduct to celestial life, but also a pledge of peace, of tranquility and the stability of earthly things. This is why all institutions, be they human, political, social or religious, that rely on these words will always remain steadfast as the house built upon rock. They will be retained by Man because in them he will find his happiness. However, those who violate these words will be as the house built upon sand, which the wind of renewal and the river of progress will sweep away.

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