Allan Kardec

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4. By these maxims Jesus makes meekness, moderation, docility, affability and patience the Law. Consequently condemning violence, anger and all discourteous expressions towards others. For example, Raca was a disdainful expression amongst the Hebrews meaning a worthless person, and was accompanied by pronounced spitting and turning the head to one side. At one point Jesus goes so far as to threaten anyone who says to another - you are insane - with the fire of hell.

It therefore becomes evident that here, as in all circumstances, the intention aggravates or lessens the offence. But why should a simple word become something so grave as to warrant such severe reproof? This is because every offensive word expresses a sentiment that is contrary to the laws of love and charity, which preside over all human relationships, and between them maintain cordiality and union. By sustaining hate and animosity we are undermining reciprocated benevolence and fraternity. In short, it is because next to humility before God, charity to your neighbour is the first law of all Christians.

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