Allan Kardec

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6. The parable of the sower truly represents the various ways in which we may make use of the teachings from the New Testament. There are so many people for whom these teachings are nothing more than dead words which can be compared to seeds which fall on stony ground and produce no fruits at all.

This parable brings us a no less justifiable application of the different categories of Spiritists. Do we not find symbolised in it those who are only attracted to material phenomena, from which they are unable to learn anything, because they only see it as an object of curiosity? Does it not show us those who seek the brilliance of spirit communication merely to interest themselves as long as it satisfies their imagination and who, after listening to the messages, continue to be just as cold and indifferent as they were before? Then there are those who consider the advice very good and admire it, but only apply it to others and never to themselves. Finally there are those for whom the teachings are as seeds which fall on good soil and produce fruits.

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