Allan Kardec

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6. I have come to instruct and console the poor disinherited. I have come to tell them to raise up their resignation to the level of their trials, and to weep, since pain was consecrated in the Garden of Olives. But wait with patience, for the consoling angels will also come to them and dry their tears.

Workers, plan your path! Recommence the following day the wearisome labour of the previous day. The work done by your hands furnishes the body with earthly bread; however, your souls are not forgotten. I, the divine Gardener, cultivate them in the silence of your thoughts. When the time comes for repose and the thread of life slips through your fingers and your eyes are closed to the light, you will feel the surging within and the germination of My precious seed. Nothing is lost in the Kingdom of our Father. Your sweat and miseries form the treasure that will make you rich in the superior spheres, where light substitutes the darkness and where the most naked of you will perhaps become the most resplendent.

In truth I say unto you that those who bear their burdens and help their brothers and sisters are beloved by Me. Instruct yourselves in the precious doctrine which dissipates the error of revolt and shows the sublime object of human trials. As the wind sweeps the dust, so the breeze of the Spirits dissipates your resentment against the riches of the world, which are frequently very pitiable, since they are subject to more dangerous trials than yours. I am with you and My apostle will instruct you. So, you who are kept captive by life, drink from the living spring of love and be prepared to one day launch yourselves, free and happy, upon the bosom of He Who created you weak so that you might become perfect; Who desires that you model your own pliable clay in order to be the author of your own immortality. - THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH (Paris, 1861).

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